eDetailing technology

  • Flexible, customizable & powerful eDetailing technology    
    • We are a leading provider of iPad eDetailing solutions. Can't figure out the difference between an eDetailing platform and an eDetailing application? Couldn't care less if it's iOs, HTML5 or Javascript enabled? We have built and designed an iPad-based technology that you can brand & customize according to your eDetailing needs.

  • Our iPad eDetailing platform: Engage©                
    • Engage is like any other iPad app that you download from the Apple Store. Once you have it installed on your iPad, you can fill it with eDetailing material such as .pdf documents, interactive documents, videos, animations, etc. You can then build sales calls according to how you want the sales reps to deliver them. You can allow as much or as little flexibility as you want for the sales rep to edit the sequence of the material.

  • Innovative, interactive & effective eDetailing aids                   
    • The eDetailing aids we develop & design provide you with animated slides that contain interactive and dynamic graphs, video and audio content, server-side polls as well as dynamic stats, etc. which all together allow sales reps to increase the physician's engagement, and deliver impactful marketing messages that have higher salience and retention.

  • No-brainer interface for smooth sales calls                      
    • Because our eDetailing platform follows the natural sequence of a sales rep's activities: prepare a call, make a call, take notes, debrief, and folow-up, it is highly user-friendly and super easy to use. In a few taps & clicks, sales reps create, arrange and customize their presentations very quickly & are ready to make successful sales calls in no time.