eDetailing for the pharma industry

Story board and multimedia content development for e-Detailing. We develop your story boards and multimedia content in HTML5. From your rough sales material, we'll create highly animated slides that contain interactive and dynamic graphs, images, video and audio content, server-side polls as well as dynamic stats, etc. which all together allow your sales reps to increase the physician's engagement, and deliver impactful marketing messages.

Branding & Customizing. We allow you to build sales calls according to how you want the sales reps to deliver them. You can allow as much or as little flexibility as you want for the sales rep to edit the sequence of the material. Moreover, we can design our eDetailing platform so that it fits your product and service branding.

iPad-based e-detailing for impactful sales calls. eDetailing on iPad allows your sales reps to present in an innovative and efficient way through a powerful communication channel. It also helps reinforcing communication between physicians and sales reps and better understand your customer needs.

Helping you improve your CLM. Our proprietary technology and our development services will allow you to better communicate your product and services messages to healthcare professionals, and ultimately improve your sales.